Hollywood and Elm Part 9 – Freddy Vs Jason (2003)

History is filled with monumental clashes between equally matched titans; Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi, Silent Hill vs. Resident Evil, W.W.E. vs. W.C.W., Starbucks vs. Costa Coffee, Dawn of the Dead vs. Dawn of the Dead. Often it is fun to speculate more outlandish with a couple of mates and a couple of beers to wonder who would win. With two terrifying slasher icons under their belt, New Line could settle the score once and for all. In 2003, we finally got to see the aftermath of these two terrifying titans going against each other in Freddy vs. Jason. 

Taking the best of both worlds helps Freddy Vs. Jason stand out!

Due to the pragmatic actions of the community, kids have been forgetting Freddy, and he cannot have that. So he dons the disguise of Mrs Voorhees and convinces Jason to take a killing tour of Springwood. While trying to get to the bottom of these grisly deaths, a dedicated group of teens is trying to find the lengths the town would go to keep their children safe. Can a new generation of Springwood youth put an end to these eternal killers, or will they end up destroying themselves in the process?

Freddy Vs Jason brings Freddy’s distinct look into the 21st century

Finally paying off the cute cameo from The Final Friday, Freddy Vs. Jason finds pleasure in integrating both characters into a shared universe. In a binary world of goodies and baddies, the charismatic Krueger dons the role of a more antagonistic antagonist, whilst Jason retains that almost childlike nativity that hasn’t been seen for a while now. All when they’re not killing the now oblivious teens of the town. Outside indestructible nightmares, there’s an almost Scooby-Doo-esque energy that comes from the potential victims putting together the pieces and avoiding grisly ends, as their cohorts engage in midnight raves outside in the open to bate the killers.

Jason’s psyche is masterfully depicted, as Freddy takes a look!

With Freddy’s Dead exploring what would happen if Freddy’s campaign was allowed to propagate, The town more effectively taking matters into their own hands is an inspired touch. Handling/retconning the defeatist tone of Freddy’s Dead, into a more realistic direction. Speaking of the no longer vanquished fiend, it is fascinating seeing Freddy manipulate the eternally childlike Jason into his bidding. It makes sense on paper, with dramatic insight into the psyche of the relentless murder and Jason’s unrelenting stalking does transplant well into Springwood, with the same ease as the urban jungles of New York did. There’s also a sleek look that combines the iconic iconography of both franchises; spooky lakes and modern attempts at neon lights, that helps solidify both franchises in a post-Scream world. 

In a post-scream world, the residents of Springwood respond to the censored nature of Freddy with their own investigations.

While it seems like a confrontation that should only exist in the wildest fantasies, Freddy Vs. Jason finally makes the slasher dream come true. Much akin to Alien Vs. Predator, there is much joy to be had in the sparing of these terrifying monsters. Like watching a fighting video game, especially towards the end when the two finally trade blows. The wraparound story is interesting too, with home invasions a la Jason, and the dark secrets that lurk in the town of Springwood. For what could be final blows for these two characters, they keep on swinging.

Jason has this naivety, that we haven’t seen in a while!

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