Thank Goodness it’s Thursday Part 7 – Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)

Much like the murky depth of the lake, that Jason lurks in, our minds hold potential, and possibilities of their true dormant power remain the realm of fantasy and discovery. One that can be drawn for artistic potential, say if a certain franchise needs a creative jolt. In 1988, requiring a new direction to go in for the sequel, tapping into her latent abilities, a peculiar teenager, a young woman would bring the nightmare of Jason into a whole new dimension in Friday the 13th The New Blood.

New Blood is the operative phrase for the people in front of, and behind, the camera.

Tina, a psychic who killed her dad, has since retained tremendous guilt over her psychic outburst. Driven by gruelling experiments, she wishes for him back, over the depths of Crystal Lake, but ends up getting the decaying corpse of Jason instead. Her partying neighbours, already distracted by the intrigue and drama that comes from teenage life, will have a new issue to tackle, as Tina et al. will have to face the rotting corpse of Jason, brought back again.

Poor Tina adds a psychic new dimension for the twice-undead killer!

The unrequited love triangles and drama feel like a return to the more slasherific elements of Parts 3 & 4. They make for fine future cadavers for the twice-unstoppable Jason, looking extra-disfigured after the years of decay. These elements will carry on throughout the franchise, with New Blood being the operative phrase here. Counting the mass of fresh talent both in front of and behind the camera was sought for the evergreen money printing machine, offering a break from the unique experiments of Parts 5 & 6.

Dr Crews makes for an interesting subplot, who might have an ulterior motive for the psychic Tina.

The alternative plot-line with Dr Crews is interesting, an investigator/therapist who seems to have prescribed his version of tough love to get results from teenage Tina. Even if his intentions were noble, (and there’s serious doubt about that) his methods may not be. Tina herself, who already has had a hard life with the killing of her abusive dad, comparisons can certainly be made to a certain peculiar girl, so seeing Tina spar against like this is certainly a treat. The proverbial rubicon had already been crossed with bringing Jason back from the dead (again?) so swallowing a teenager psychic isn’t that much more of an ask. It is safe to say that these far-out themes manage to once again bring some fresh sizzle to the matured meat of the franchise.

If it wasn’t for the murders, The New Blood would be a interesting teen drama!

The New Blood offers just that, bringing some new life into the storied franchise, one that feels more invigorating to retain a more discerning audience. Innovation is rarely a bad thing, and bringing in psychic showdowns feels inspired in the realm of the slasher competition. Hopefully, enough to satiate Jason’s appetite, and new and returning audiences. While seeing is believing, believing is also just the ticket for reinvigoration, as Jason would find out from the cold depths of Crystal Lake.

Love triangles and more lie in wait for the latest victims of Jason!

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