My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

As a mere mortal, it is to see the appeal of superheroes, and why the Hollywood a-list would want to play them. Most of them are anodises that embody physical perfection, often with heightened powers that take them over the age, into technically living gods. In 2006, a film about the supposed perils that came with dating a superhero and the fallout that arises from said relationship disintegrating was examined in my Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Uma Thurman brings previous experience to both her roles as Jenny and G-Girl.

In a take on the classic meet-cute, Matthew Saunders stops a mugger making off with a purse belonging to a seemingly bookish Jenny Johnson, and they soon hit it off. While things are looking up for the couple, Johnson has quite a few unresolved issues and a secret identity as the caped vigilante G-Girl. All this becomes a little too much for Matthew, as he tries to break up with her, and turns his attention to the woman at work who has a crush on Matthew. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last well, as the blossoming relationship becomes the target, of G-Girl’s super-powered wrath. All while Jenny’s admirer, the evil Professor Bedlam, uses this moment to strike, in the most comic-book-inspired breakup ever.

Some of the superhero/romcom ideas are fun enough, e.g. the more literal take on the Mile High Club.

Even before the seemingly eternal superhero revival during the mid-2000s, mixing the worlds of caped vigilantes and tried and tested romantic comedy tropes is a fascinating idea on paper. It comes as no surprise, the film does mine this premise for some memorable gags, including a more literal interpretation of the mile-high club. As the relationship gets more complicated, seeing the might of G Girl’s powers turned on Matthew is worth seeing.

Rainn Wilson also shows up as Vaughn, Matthew’s confidant through his relationship issues.

Based on an intriguing idea from The Simpsons’ creative Don Payne and Ivan Reitman, who you will no doubt be aware of from the Ghostbusters and countless other cult classic movies. Uma Thurman is a fabulous pick for G-Girl, even after her seductive stint in Batman and Robin, and In a similar romantic fashion to the films like The Avengers (no relation). Although even in her character, there is this The-Boys-esque hidden depths, especially with some of her reactions, that could have been an interesting avenue to explore. Well before the modern attempts at superhero deconstruction that can be seen in some films like Brightburn. Outside of Thurman, Luke Wilson is a fine leading man, with sprinkles of touches of humour in his delivery for a relatively straight role. Eddie Izzard, as you would expect, is a lot of fun as the unrequited lover turned supervillain Professor Bedlam and Scary Movie alumnus, Anna Faris, straight after the fourth film.

Straight off of Scary Movie, Anna Faris, provides a entice alternative for Matthew.

A superhero romcom is certainly a fruitful idea, and with the wealth of talent in front of, and behind the camera, does live up to the mark, especially for the time. There are certainly some laughs and the heated drama that comes from any messy break-up, just multiplied somewhat by the presence of gamma rays. If your opinions of superhero films and or romcoms were faltering, G-Girl might just be enough to save them.

Eddie Izzard also provides a spark of extra with his role as unrequited lover turned villain, Professor Bedlam!

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