Olivia Newton-John – Hopelessly Devoted to You (2018)

When the news broke of the devastating passing of Olivia Newton-John in 2022, she left behind over 50 years of stellar hits and memorable acting roles that are still revered to this day. The Australian star had undoubtedly left a lasting legacy that few could ever hope to match up to. In 2018, reflecting on the accomplishments of her life, was the subject of a two-part miniseries to answer why audiences are still so hopelessly devoted to Olivia Newton-John after all these years.

Delta Goodrem provides a great performance in capturing her fellow Australian singer/actress Olivia Newton-John.

Following the life of Olivia, from her late school days in 1965, winning Sing, Sing, Sing to mega-stardom and beyond. Her fortunate forming of the successful Pat and Olivia, and her relationship with Bruce Welch. As well as her stellar career outside the music world. Starring alongside John Travolta in Grease and Xanadu, all while raising a family, starting a business, and Olivia’s frequent medical issues. With 40 years of highs and lows, Olivia, fans will be able to re-experience and relearn the fascinating saga that is Olivia’s legacy. 

Throughout we get music video-esque covers of Olivia’s hit songs, like Magic and Physical.

When taking on a role like Olivia, all eyes are on fellow Australian actress, Delta Goodrem, who reached fame after appearing on Ramsey Street way back in 2002. She has a repertoire of popular music recordings (as is practically tradition from the Neighbours alumni). Throughout the show, at opportune moments, You have more than competent covers of hits like Magic, Physical, and other beloved classics from Newton-John’s Career. They sound remarkably similar to the originals, but Delta Goodrem manages to put her spin to stop them from sounding like karaoke renditions. With a selected soundtrack of all of Goodrem’s covers available wherever you get your music from.

The series even reflects on her film and television career. From Sing, sing, sing to staring in Grease and Xanadu.

Goodrem does a pretty good job of trying to emulate the star away from the mic, too. As the miniseries covers a lot in its three hours, such as Olivia’s all-Aussie-themed apparel enterprise, Koala Blue, It’s both informative and highly entertaining, although caveat emptor should be reserved for biographical dramas like this. As there are times it feels like some artistic licence is applied, including elements that feel eerily similar to the bodyguard, regarding a stalker. Still, Delta Goodrem does great in trying to bring the star’s story to life, from the down-to-earth parts to the enthralling and everything in between.

It’s not all triumphs, with Olivia’s failing business, health scares, and threats of a stalker.

In Hopelessly Devoted to You, audiences will have a pretty comprehensive look at Olivia’s life, just 4 years before her death. The two-part miniseries certainly packs a lot in, some fans may have known, and remember, others that they might not be aware of. Of course, with shows like this, the events shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Yet, Goodrem et al. do a fine job of shepherding audiences through it all. When presented with such an incredible life, and such incredible talents, we will always be devoted to Olivia.

Covering 40 Years, Hopelessly Devoted to You is an fond and entertaining look back, at the lasting legacy of Olivia’s many talents.

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