The Kennedys: After Camelot (2017)

After Kennedy’s assassination, that dream he helped spearhead may have been snubbed, but it didn’t die. As others in that prolific dynasty carried on with their ambitions, and their dreams, However, the curse of the Kennedys remains ever strong. In 2017, following the release of the sequel novel, a sequel to the miniseries was quickly put into action, chronicling the other family members in the aftermath of The Kennedys: After Camelot.

After Camelot carries on the original’s tendency of dramatising the legend as well as the truth.

Continuing right where the 2011 miniseries ended, briefly recapping Bobby’s assassination, and Jackie’s marriage to Onassis. The drama focuses mainly on Ted Kennedy, whose ambition was not at the forefront, like his brothers. How his political fortunes took a dark turn due to the events of Chappaquiddick, and his attempts to rebuild his name and standing throughout the nation. We also see the dramatic rise of John Kennedy Jr. from his struggling grades, and passing dreams of the arts, to possibly emulating his father’s footsteps, but will they all fall victim to the Kennedy Curse?

Mathew Perry as Ted Kennedy, who tried to rebuild his reputation as the shadow of Chappaquiddick looms!

While due to obvious reasons, we don’t get much (if anything) of Greg Kinnear, fans of the old show shouldn’t fear. We have a return of Kate Holmes, who carries on portraying Jackie O. after her husband’s demise and her attempts to try to move on, along with Tom Wilkinson, who also returns. They manage to fill the roles much in the same way they did six years ago, as if no time has passed. The obvious inclusion is Matthew Perry, playing Ted Kennedy, who had the political light shone on him after his older brother’s death. While older than Ted was during the series setting, Perry does occasionally look like a Kennedy. Also joining this follow-up miniseries is Star Trek veteran, Alexander Siddig is interesting as the Greek tycoon, Onassis (yes he isn’t Greek, but he still does a fine job nonetheless).

Star Trek’s Alexander Siddig is an interesting choice for Aristotle Onassis.

The dramatic elements remain in this follow-up sequel, as once again, The Kennedys likes to highlight the more scandalous moments of the personal lives, with a questionable understanding of if they happened. E.g. did Onassis have a creepy wall, in the same way, that the show depicted Although they do not feel as extensive as they did in the original, and still make for entertaining exaggerations regardless. The series is also a quarter of the size, too, with only two episodes to tell roughly 30 years of living after Kennedy’s legacy.

Katie Holmes slips backs into the role of Jackie effortlessly after six years!

Six years can be a long time, not just in politics but in real life too, After Camelot feels like hardly any time has passed at all. The returning cast pretty easily drop back into their characters, and newcomers to the franchise like Siddig and Perry are given their time to shine. Covering more details of the family, and evolving relationship with Jackie, adjusting to her husband’s death and her new life with Onassis. Although, the Decline and Fall does mark some of the bleakest times in the dynasty. It still makes for a captivating follow-up to the Legacy, showing that the Kennedys are still worth exploring.

John Kennedy Jr. proves the saying like father like son!

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