Rampage (2018)

Even though we live in densely populated cities or suburbs mere stones-throws from said cities, You got to admit there’s a cathartic thrill that comes from seeing them getting devastated. Action films have known this for decades, and video games have made a handsome profit, letting their audience create the set pieces for themselves. In 2018, the beloved arcade franchise got a Hollywood instalment worthy of its content, as George, Lizzie, and Ralph become the stars of their next blockbuster, in Rampage.

Bankable star, Dwayne Johnson, lends his talents to bust blocks… in more ways than one!

Davis Okoye is a former marine, now turned wildlife conservationist, who cares greatly for the simian brethren in his care, building a communicative bond with a quintessential gentle giant known as George. When a space experiment crashes down and causes primate partner, George, to grow exponentially and act peculiarly violent. Dr Kate Caldwell believes her company, Energyne, is responsible. After George escapes captivity, evidence suggests the mutated animals are being lured to Energyne’s headquarters, for the C.E.O. to destroy the evidence. Now Davis and Kate must get to the city of Chicago, where George et al. are causing a titular rampage, as they will soon find the answer to the question: What happens when untapped science and destructive nature combine?

Jack Quaid sure has been in a lot of projects!

Most will come to Rampage to see consummate entertainer Dwayne Johnson and the plethora of action effects, and you probably won’t be disappointed by the generous offering the film has. Rampage excels in delivering both. From the heart-warming bond that he has with George, to getting caught in the crossfire of the military response, as the enlarged Ape gets lost in the city. However, action is not all of Rampage’s repertoire. There’s this dark, wry sense of humour that comes from the nefarious brother-sister duo in charge of the company. Their attempts to mitigate the P.R. disaster that their experiments have caused.

Rampage’s intro evokes other sci-fi horror films like Life.

Rampage has an intriguing action horror vibe that certainly sets it apart from the video game’s more tongue-in-cheek tone. This mainly lies at the beginning with a memorable sequence with Marley Shelton, which does a lot to evoke such tense, sci-fi horror films like Life. However, Rampage lands the comedy mere 10 minutes later with C.G.I apes. The result is an emotional rollercoaster that certainly won’t leave you bored as you wait for the next scene of cataclysmic carnage, or quotable quip to appear.

The Wyden siblings are a constant source of laughs throughout!

Rampage is a tonally ambitious adaptation, one that makes sense on paper, offering ample C.G.I. spectacles, and non-stop action for its bankable star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, to be a part of. Providing a plethora of variety for the most discerning fan of modern cinematic action. If you give it a chance, you will find that Rampage, much like its video game counterparts, will give the phrase blockbuster a whole new meaning.

Those who wanted to see Dwayne Johnson interact with C.G.I. spectacles, will not be disappointed!

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