Rampage Through Time (2000)

As video games have more than proven countless times before, artificial carnage and destruction can be fun! Especially with a friend or two to join in on the action. In 2000, Avalanche Software expanded on the winning formula of their previous two Rampage titles, fully exploring the competitive co-operative aspect, while also exploring the playing area among the fourth dimension, in the aptly named Rampage Through Time.

3 Rounds plus a bonus mini game, times 15 distinct time zones, equals unique 60 levels!

After causing two games’ worth of global mayhem, the folks at Scumlabs, attempt to rebuild the destruction, they also invent a time machine to help explicate this process. Unfortunately for them, The enormous monsters from the two previous games, all break out, through the time machine, and now they have the complete timeline of humanity to vent their wrath on. From the ancient past to the hypothetical future, the only thing for certain is you’re probably going to have a blast.

a new warthog, named Harley rounds off the extensive cast of mutants

Some notable differences separate the previous two games from Rampage Through Time, it is a PlayStation exclusive, dropping the previous instalments record of also being on the Nintendo 64. The ever-expanding cast of mutants from the last two titles does return, along with a new warthog, named Harley. Only three can play, however, either human players or the C.P.U. will fill in the rest. Each time zone has three cities, and typical Rampage rules apply. As you compete against your fellow mutants. Earning stars, as you smash buildings, consume people, etc. These stars come to play in the final round of each time zone, a loose remake mini-game where you duke it out against your opponent, with previously earned stars giving you bonuses and an upper hand.

Arcade-inspired mini games do a lot to spice up the tournaments!…

The focus is on the myriad of periods you can select, and Rampage Through Time has ample variety to pick from. From Dodge city in the 1890s, Egypt in 1655 BC and many more before and after, totalling to about 60 levels of time-travelling mayhem. Much like the previous games, efforts have been made on making the locations look era-appropriate, and the soundtrack too. Once again, still retains the cathartic charm of the previous games. While the new ultimate mini-games do have some passing relationship with the theme, and a resemblance to a retro arcade game of old.

…but the classic city-leveling carnage remains!

Doubling down on the party game potential of the previous sequels, Rampage Through Time takes the fun in an almost Mario Party direction. Solo skirmishes through time are also enjoyable, as the A.I. is more than willing to compete against you. Still, the goofy cathartic action remains, along with some new touches to help keep things more interesting. Whether you want to settle a score with a buddy or two, or just take out your frustrations, Rampage has the time for you.

From the distant past, till the far future, you have all of time and space to play with!

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