Rampage 2: Universal Tour (1999)

When the globe has been conquered, thought often turns to space for the final frontier of exploration, and in this case domination. In 1999, building upon the home-console bloodshed of World Tour, Midway asked themselves Where could they go from here? Avalanche Software answered that question with aliens, an expanded cast, and a whole new way to play in Rampage 2 Universal Tour.

Each mutant has strengths and weaknesses to accommodate any play style.

Rampage World Tour built itself on offering around 120 cities to ply your destructive trade, Rampage 2 Universal Your also lives up to its name by extending the bloodbath beyond the stars. Yes, Ralph, George, and Lizzie are back, and they brought along a few friends, as our original (for a lack of a better term), protagonists have been incarcerated by Scumlabs. The newcomers must now break them out and continue their onslaught. If this isn’t enough, Galactic invaders have also arrived causing problems for the Earth, and the mutant protagonists, Can you take your destructive beyond earth’s reaches into outer space?

You have to unlock the original cast first, before playing as them.

The gameplay has more or less stuck to the original, Climb and destroy towers, squash civilians, crush cars avoid the military, the same gameplay you know and love for the past decade. The original three mutants (Ralph, Lizzie, and George), yet have to be rescued from the four corners of the planet. So from the start, it is your job to get them back from the part of the world they’re being held. The newcomers consist of Boris (a rhino), Curtis (a rat), and Ruby (a lobster) are your starting charters and go a long way to add a little more variety along with extraterrestrial Myukus (who comes into play much later). Once freed, you can play as the original mutants whenever. Each character has particular strengths, but most are on roughly equal ground so, in multiplayer games, nobody is disadvantaged, and you can use your favourite with impunity in the single player.

You now get Full Motion Video cutscenes (subject to your gaming console!)

A funky-Primus-inspired soundtrack does a lot to evoke the Midway tradition in attaining aesthetical excellence in an attempt to attract new players. Betty Veronica doesn’t return, but the player does occasionally get updates from a news network. There are some slight differences compared to what console you are playing on, but they are mainly cosmetic, with the PlayStation offering full video cutscenes and different music for some levels, but the actual gameplay is similar across the board.

Universal Tour adds some new locals and some new creatures to help expand the destruction!

Universal Tour extends the fun of World Tour with some new characters and new locals, but a lot of the familiar gameplay, the added aspect of an alien invasion does vary the gameplay, but only on the aesthetical grounds. Yet, the satisfying core remains largely intact, making the package feel like a worthy expansion to the franchise. Wherever in the galaxy you are, Rampage is still as entertaining as ever.

This time Scumlabs chose Salt Lake to start off this time!

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