Scream: Resurrection (2019)

Surprising to some, the Scream T.V. Series while not being able to show that much gore, sex, or other horror elements as its film mainstays; managed to produce two seasons on a compelling final girl’s attempt at thwarting a masked murder. However, T.V. horror is predominately a serialised affair, and you can’t keep subjecting the same characters to the same situation and still be a meta-provoking examination of horror like your film forbearers. In 2019, after a brief hiatus, the final season of Scream brought in a new cast, a new location but plenty of the classic slashings, in Scream: Resurrection.

Ghostface is back, for real this time!

Season 3 starts with highschooler Deion facing a big opportunity to make a name for himself in football. Yet, he has a dark secret, one evolving his twin brother and the crazed loaner Hook Man. While in detention, Ghostface strikes again, seeking vengeance for this transgression. The masked entity wants this karmic debt paid in blood, picking each one of them off one by one. As the self-christened “Deadfast Club” get to the bottom of the killings, they find out that their sins run blood deep.

The Deadfast Club are a fun bunch, worthy of their name!

Those who enjoyed the continuing saga of Emma Duval, and her delightful company, might be in for a bit of a shock. Changing to a new setting (and a new cast) may come as a dramatic disappointment to some stalwarts. Although to be honest, as much fun as the second season was, it is surprising how it only took to the show’s ultimate conclusion, to embrace the televised anthology concept. Atlanta is a distinct enough location from the fictional Lakewood to offer a fresh break and allow some newcomers to shine in the process. The Deadfast Club is filled with promising stars like RJ Cyler as Deion and welsh Split actress Jessica Sula as Liv. Season 3 also stars Giorgia Whigham as Beth who happens to serve as the horror aficionado to an unhealthy degree. However, some familiar faces like Tony Todd do show up brandishing a trademark hook (in a delightfully on the nose reference) and Keke Palmer as Kym.

The Deadfast Club getting picked off is a regular occurrence.

The killings return in a dramatic style, so some continuity remains with the previous seasons. Franchise fans will also be pleased to know that the actual Ghostface makes a return, complete with Roger L. Jackson, as the murderous masked persona’s distinctive voice. This makes a change from the last seasons, which were legally forced to use a redesigned mask. While the Scream films haven’t been known to shy away from tough topics in the past; 2019 brings worth it a fresh perspective on certain controversial topics like race, and the academic and social pressures facing the youth of today, do make an appearance.

The move to Atlanta allows some fresher faces to shine!

While given fewer episodes, while introducing a new cast and location, the cards aren’t in Season 3’s favour. Yet, much like how Scream’s third film was faced with great adversity, Resurrection preserves into something that remains compelling for Scream’s final season. Full of fresh kills and fresher insight, but still retaining that core kernel of fun despite its departure from its successful two seasons. If you fancy a change or a new direction, Scream: Resurrection might give you some food for thought the next time someone asks you what your favourite horror T.V. show is.

Deion has his own secrets to deal with, as well as typical high school pressures.

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