Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003)

The comedy duo has been a thing since time in memorial, after seeing two buddies go through the indomitable highs and terrifying lows, that afflict many on-screen partnerships, often the question is asked about how such a bond is formed, one that can stand such pressure. In 2003, audiences who sought it out got to learn just that, as well as what were the consequences of when Harry met Lloyd. Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.

You’ve got to admit… they do look like Harry and Lloyd!

It was friendship at first concussion, when Harry Dunne met Lloyd Christmas, Harry who was finally allowed to start school, and Lloyd who supports his family working as a janitor at said school, you could almost call it destiny. However, things aren’t all plain sailing for the new chapter in the boy’s life. To defraud a government grant Principal Collins enacts a special needs program, and entrust the duo to help run it. However, a pretty and industrious Student Journalist Jessica Mathews seeks to uncover this corruption, hindered somewhat by the fact the duo has a huge crush on her. With tales of Treasure, Pirates, delicious Slurpees, and the friends you make in high school, we follow the trials and tribulations that made this partnership into a lasting friendship.

The constituent members of the “Special Needs” class could be part of their own spin-off… of a spin-off!

As you can ascertain, the story is a tad more complex than a typical ‘how did they meet’ story, with a lot of plot threads, for a film about Harry and Lloyd, it does not make them the centre of its universe. The class of the quote Special Needs students end-quote, is a wide collection of characters who probably wouldn’t be out of place in any high school drama, Bullies, Skaters, Exchanges students et al. Each member seeing the class as an easy ticket to an easy life, much like that King of the Hill episode. Speaking of, the whole embezzlement, love affair} is an interesting plot, and Levy can churn out the sleaze quality worthy of such a reprehensible character. The subsequent pseudo “all the President’s Men” attempt of Jessica Matthews to break the case is an interesting sub, and the infatuation with Jessica does evoke parts of the classic Swanson dynamic of the 90s original.

Levy brings a certain sleeve to his character…

Yes, this does retcon the cartoon somewhat, but as it allows the makers to tell their own story free from any shackles of previous lore, it can be forgiven. Much like Ace Jr., this is yet another Jim Carey prequel without Jim Carey, but fears should be allied. The stand-ins do look a lot like Harry and Lloyd, or at least how they would be at that age. Famous faces do manage to make an appearance, such as Eugene Levy and Shia LeBeouf are just some of the more recognisable stars in this prequel.

… Maybe it’s the moustache, but his performance goes far and beyond of what you’d expect for a film of this calibre.

I can say, I was suppressed when I watched this prequel with how much I liked it, despite some elements that would probably be changed if it was made today, the heart-warming friendship manages to overcome such hardships and generate some classic comedy, perhaps it’s the character’s reliance in the face of such adversity that makes them so endearing. If you are curious to see how this unbreakable bond is, I implore you to take a class with Dumb and Dumber.

Jessica is an interesting character, with a fun plot line evoking Swanson’s role in the first film.

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