Macabre Month 4 Part II: Bloodride (2020)

With the ever-increasing pressure of modern terrors and worries, it can be hard for traditional scares to pack a punch; why worry about the undead or vengeful spirits when you can instead worry about your career or mortgage? Yet, there has still been an increasing number of modern anthologies that package those modern anxieties into television delights. On Friday the 13th 2020, Netflix released six tales of terror from Scandinavia in a tantalising collection known as Bloodride.

The intro sets up the upcoming mysteries well, I highly recommend you don’t skip them.

The first season consists of six tales of spooky shenanigans, ranging from the psychological to the occult, and everything in between. The only constant is a distinctive introduction showing us a creepy bus ride underscored with a moody synth score, that both sets the tone, and is hip and catchy enough to demand attention. Giving observant viewers a heads-up into the current episode, as well as sneak peeks towards future instalments that lie in store. Aside from the introduction, the episodes themselves are scarcely interconnected so, once again, your mileage will vary depending on tastes, but the majority end up being enjoyable rides.

Norway cities and landscapes make excellent backdrops to the stories.

Bloodride is Norwegian in origin, but the version I watched was dubbed in English. The dubbing is competent, and it feels like little is lost in the translation, which complements the ambience, and most of the time you won’t notice. The appeal of the stories appears to be global too, not relying too much on the setting of Norway to craft the story, but when those touches do show up it is a welcome addition. The anthology will likely contain stories that will speak to you.

The episodes manage to balance modern an traditional terrors into a convenient package.

The episodes cover a variety of matters, with some choice topics including a schoolhouse with more than its fair share of history; A writer’s imagination leading to deadly results; The sacrifices you must make to get what you want in life; the deadly hi-jinks of an office party. Each segment is filled with enough twists and turns to keep you on your guard. A couple manage to drill down on the modern anxieties that might plague the average viewer, such as the fears of everyone secretly hating you, among others. Equating to some fun and memorable tales of those anxieties taken to the extreme.

Despite the language barrier, if you chose to watch the dubbed version, you won’t lose the story.

With anthologies of horror regaining ground, differentiation can be challenging, yet Netflix has done it again managing to compile six spooky stories about comeuppance, leading to a combination that is part modern, part traditional, and oh so enjoyable. While the news has been quiet about the possible existence of season 2 (the current global situation can’t be helping) it certainly doesn’t feel like the ride would end anytime soon. If you can spare a couple of hours, you will find that Bloodride is more than a thrill.

… Not one to be left behind in a rear-view mirror!

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