Friedberg and Seltzer at the Movies Part 8: Best Night Ever (2013)

It is hard to find a bigger bond than friendship, an impressive connection that is insurmountable, one that will cause you to go above and beyond. Some friendships have stories that get repeated for a lifetime, involving wild antics fueled that are fondly remembered. Fueling films for many years. In 2013, the comedy filmmakers Friedberg and Seltzer struck out in crafting their own story, all the while tackling the rising popularity of wild comedies and found footage. Endeavouring to provide the audience with the Best Night Ever.

Various subplots and revelations complicate the supposedly simple bachelorette party.

The film wastes no effort in introducing our heroines, as it starts with Claire Morris in a car with her friends: Zoe, Leslie, and Janet, on their way to a bachelorette party in the iconic desert city of Las Vegas. Things quickly go awry when unknown charges on her card mean they are out of money. As we follow the found footage of their unbelievably wild night, we discover that the quartet is willing to go to any lengths. Even if it offends decency, breaks the law, or put their lives in great danger, to make the bachelorette party the best night ever.

Inter titles like these help break down the night’s wild antics!

Teaming up with Blumhouse Productions is an interesting direction for the duo to take, one that manifests in many ways. The combination of Hangover/Bridesmaid style wild hi-jinks and found footage is a compelling fusion, especially since the star-power in Best Night Ever is a lot more diminished than the last couple of Friedberg and Seltzer films. Although the cast has worked before this film is probably one of the first feature films they have worked on. Casting relative unknown adds a degree of realism to the mix. That is not to say the cast is not up to the task, they are more than competent enough to give the well-known stars a run for their money. However, it would not be a Friedberg and Seltzer film without some returning names, and Crista Flanagan’s reappearance fills the role here.

Best Night Ever being a found footage film, goes to great lengths, to get cool shots while keeping the fiction going.

Friedberg and Seltzer have changed their style, or at least are willing to experiment. The recognisable direct parodies are almost non-existent here instead of focusing on a broader pastiche of the genre. It strikes out on its plot, offering a refreshing change from the previous parody retellings from before. Though some grosser gags do remain, with a focus on anatomy and awkward situations offered in spades, along with hedonistic frivolity and copious amounts of alcohol and gambling helping to top the night off. Let us not forget violence, from fighting in quasi-legal matches to armed larceny, helps keep things on the edge. The films that Best Night Ever is parodying have reached similar levels, and what do you expect for a bachelorette party in Vegas?

Adding to the realism, Best Night Ever also utilises night vision video for the film’s literally darker scenes.

It seems their Vegas focused film has caused Friedberg and Seltzer to roll the dice. Despite the formidable odds, the duo has found something fresh and fulfilling in their parody targets, or it could be the influence of Bloom et al., who are adept at reinvention themselves. If you made it this far into the Friedberg and Seltzer filmography, I see no reason to stop now, as the duo has proven themselves resourceful in crafting old from new. For those looking for some comedy shenanigans for the evening, Best Night Ever is certainly one that you will never want to forget.

Visual shout out to films like Spring Breakers mark a dramatic change to Friedberg and Seltzer referential style.

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