To Hell and Back Part V: Hellraiser V: Inferno (2000)

It is hard to bring back a character once they have bid farewell, especially when the creators want nothing to do with their resurrection. However, as the audience, and stakeholders bay for more, it becomes more of an expected eventuality. In the turn of the century, fans saw the rebirth of a sleeping horror by uniquely sewing it to an idea that would never have seen the light of day, in Hellraiser V: Inferno.

While not a natural part of the initial script, the world of the Lament Configuration does fit in nicely.

Logic-loving, but ultra-corrupt cop Thorne is called in to investigate the brutal killing of a former classmate. At the scene, he finds a child’s finger. He also picks up a peculiar toybox and spends the night with a prostitute, as she is found later brutally killed with another child’s finger. Thorne’s web of intrigue is now been torn asunder, On the hunt for this mysterious killer known as the Engineer, Thorne must face the puzzle that is his life, the case, and a certain interdimensional dread.

Thorne’s corruption is an interesting characteristic that helps fleshes him out.

Thorne is a fascinating character to explore as he is already hardened to the world of corruption by inhabiting it yet feels like he is thrust into a new world right out of his depth. While Hellraiser III tried some inventive techniques in terms of dream sequences, Inferno brings the heat with Intriguing camera work and scenes give the film an off-kilter feel, while allowing the audience to still follow along at home. They make sense in retrospect, and during they take on a gripping dream logic that douses the scenes in suspense. Those who enjoy the psychological thrillers that were picking up steam in the 2000s will enjoy what Hellraiser Inferno is offering.

It wouldn’t be a turn of the century thriller without green/cyan lighting!

What is nice is the fame of Pinhead has given a fighting chance to some scripts that would have never seen the light of day. The initial idea seems to blend naturally with the established Cenobite cannon, but not totally in a way that robs the initial seed of its charm. Due to the questionable mental state of Thorne, we are introduced to a police psychiatrist, who looks and feels similar to Dr Maguire in Good Will Hunting, but still feels natural here. Along with Thorne’s partner, Tony Nenonen is another shining force who tries to do right by the law, helps counteract some darker elements Throne goes up against, and that is not including the Cenobites.

…Or mysterious cowboy types…

Inferno brings Pinhead some fresh meat yet again, in a novel mystery-thriller. Full of vivid imagery and murky characters with murkier secrets, Inferno makes more a more cerebral and artier nightmare. Like what the Cloverfield franchise would do to films destined never to find an audience and deserves applause bringing back a tried-and-tested villain and a fresh risky idea. As a beacon of light, Inferno burns brightly in the series.

Thorne’s Psychiatrist is another grand addition that helps the series.

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