Sublime Parroty Part 3: The X-Fools (1997)

What can be said about The X-Files? A Monster-of-the-week mystery show, with overarching narratives. That not only invented those terms but also catapulted a young Anderson and Duchovny into household names. The show spawned countless imitators as it rewrote the book on Televisional narrative. In 1997, at the height of the show’s fame, Parroty Interactive not only watched the watchers but stuck their tongues firmly in their cheeks as they did so in the X-Fools.

The C.D. comes with this quiz… Not watching much of the show, I couldn’t tell what actually was trivia or not… But I assume a lot of it is not.

You are a young agent with dreams and aspirations of serving the government. You get invited inside the trailer of Mully and Scudder, ex-agents of the F.B.I. The two task it upon themselves to educate you on the deep and dark government conspiracies inflicting America. You must hunt down missing files, C.D.s, recorded conversations, and dossiers to learn the deep dark secrets yourself, as things get more and more disturbing.

…Like the psychological reports of your foes in the F.B.I.

Interface and control-wise, this game isn’t a whole lot different from Star Warped, the improvements are that you can now interact and pick up objects and store them in their respective viewers. This makes for a larger meta-game of picking and tidying up the trailer, as you collect these documents and uncover the truth. The main mini-games follow a similar trend of Star Warped. Fun themed distractions that would have found a happy home on the internet, My particular favourite was a Pac-Man clone, once again, the game’s focus on the internet is strong herewith many prompts and ways to check out online offerings that have since closed down.

Who knew the powers that be have been hiding tonnes of secrets in a messy trailer park?!

As someone who only watched the first series (and read one book), I was concerned I wouldn’t get a lot of the jokes… However, this was not the case. The jokes I did manage to understand were from cultural osmosis and can bet if I had watched more of the show, I would have enjoyed the C.D. far more. Mully and Scudder are voiced, and the impersonations are recognisable, and I’ve certainly heard (and done far worse). There are also T.V. parodies of a similar style that you collect, showing the wide stretch of Parroty Interactive’s observational wit.

It even gets a bit meta in places…

The X-Fools successfully carries the torch for Parroty’s brand of comedy into a new, but similar territory. The small but noticeable innovations show that this idea does have room to grow. If the previous Parroty offerings appeased you, you’ll like what is in store on this C.D. No matter how much the government, or Aliens from beyond the moon, tries to cover it up… The X-Fools show us that there is some comedic truth out there.

It’s not my favourite X-Files text pop-up gag… but it’s pretty good!

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