Terminator Genisys (2015)

With the previous attempt of continuing the saga of The Terminator bankrupting the company behind it, all hope seemed lost for continuing the saga of The Connor’s, even after the T.V. series only got 31 episodes to play with. But time makes fools of us all as in 2015 Skynet, once again tried to stop John Connor and his gang, with a strange case of unusually spelt Deja-vu in Terminator Genisys.

The T-800 is looking as great as it ever did!

The film follows the original opening, but things go quickly awry, As Sarah Connor manages to disable the T-800, with a Terminator of her own. It seems she, herself was warned back in 1973 and sent protection. Using Skynet’s plan against it, the trio builds a time machine and travel back in time to 2017 to deal with the birth of Skynet. But the destination would yield a battle between secrets and destiny that will rage on far into the future.

The film manages to recreate the first film down to its finite details. Making it more peculiar when things do deviate!

We get a nice recreation of the 1980s opening of The Terminator, but with a twist. Telling the audience that the rich woven tapestry that has been previously adhered too is going to be remodelled. It’s a fun sequence that managed to recreate a lot of the finer details accurately. With the established lore up-for-grabs, we get a lot of paradoxical time-disorienting plot lines that the franchise is famous for. We get a chance to follow the gang, going back to Sarah Connors childhood in 1973, going forward to the then-future year of 2017, we also get Courtney Vance now playing a Miles Dyson, head of the company that is almost pre-destined to unleash Skynet into the unsuspecting public. As such Skynet’s origins are given a reboot too, now its back story feels more shockingly relevant to today’s audiences.

It’s also nice to see the return of the Dyson family, who haven’t really been mentioned about since the second film.

The new Sarah Connor is now played by Emilia Clarke (who happens to look like Jennifer Laurence here), not Lana Headley from the Sarah Connor chronicles, or a C.G.I. De-aged Linda Hamilton as has become de rigeur in other franchises. Clarke here both feels like she’s in her element and feels hungry for more, a good fit for Connor. In keeping with the tradition, we’ve got a new John Connor, this time played by Jason Clarke (No relation) with an interesting secret augment for the character. The newcomers also shine too, As seen with the inclusion of J.K. Simmons is a welcome addition, his improvisational wit and wisecracks being a natural fit in the Terminator Universe.

J.K. Simmons is a welcome addition to the cast, like he is in any film he is in!

In its attempts to streamline the convoluted continuity, and a clever role reversal, Terminator Genisys once again sets to reboot the franchise, the new cast feels like they’ve got something to prove, and they do so, providing a nice blend of action and non-linear storytelling that the fans will truly enjoy, with such a success on its plate, It might be a little too soon to say Hasta la vista to the Terminator. 

Unless you’re on the receiving end of his relentless hunting

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