Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003)

Rebooting Charlie’s Angels was a big gamble, but it was a gamble that paid off dividends. The commercial success of the first film introduced a whole world of possibilities for the Charlie Townsend investigation agency. With so many opportunities to take, which one is necessarily the best? Following the ethos of the new millennium, the next step is to be bigger, bolder, and brasher and in Charlies Angels Full Throttle, that’s exactly what it is.

And Extreme Sports, got to have extreme sports!

A government agent goes missing with the witness protection lists that are stored on two titanium rings, their recent theft places all the listees in danger including Angel Dylan who herself is in witness protection. But the titanium rings have ended up in the hands of Seamus O’Grady, head of the Irish mob and former lover of Dylan, after spending eight years in jail he wants nothing more than vengeance, but is it this blast from the past that’s behind it all, or another one?

There’s a really well done C.S.I. parody too, who would have guessed?

Aside from the continuation of the romantic subplots from Charlie’s Angels and the reintroduction of The Thin Man This adventure is pretty self-contained. Although the story delves into the backgrounds and origins of some of your favourite characters from the last film. The lavish usage of The Prodigy’s greatest hits during the fights scenes is a welcome return from the original. As well as Luke Wilson and Matt LeBlanc as love interests. John Cleese also makes an appearance as Mundy’s grandfather, who is less than familiar with Mundy’s line of work with hilarious results.

Bosley, like his brother, is constantly roped into the Angel’s schemes.

Bosley is long gone (okay, he has the briefest cameo but that’s it), replaced by his brother Jimmy Bernie Mac has some big shoes to fill and does so well. Maintaining that quippy energy from Bill Murray as well a shining a fun spotlight on Bosley as a character by introducing his extended family. We learn also the origins of the Thin Man from a nun played by Carrie Fisher. What more could you possibly ask for? Especially if you were a fan of the original. The daring action scenes, the sneaking seductions, and the hilarious exchanges are all accounted for.

Gosh look how young Shia LaBeouf was!

If you imagine a cross between Brosnan era James Bond and the Spice World film, that’s the exact experience you get from Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle. By taking what the previous film did well up to a factor of 15, it fully revels in the opportunity awarded by the unintended silliness, to put on an entertaining and smart comedy. The Angels may have taken a little break, but they are far from fallen.

But with their martial arts and their looks, it’s more like everybody else has fallen.

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