Still Waiting (2009)

The trouble with happy endings is sometimes it’s not enough. It can be challenging to separate that sense of friendship and camaraderie that has been building up before the story ended. But when there’s a will there is a way. Four years after the success of Waiting, a direct to D.V.D. sequel was produced mixing classic elements with fresh ideas a sequel that is… Still Waiting…

Changing… but still waiting…

Shenaniganz’s customers are being poached by a new Ta-Tas wings shack restaurant operated by none other than Calvin who has had a new personality boost. The film splits its time between the antics of both of these restaurants. Ta-Tas as they coach a new hire as well as the trials and tribulations of the girls, and Shenaniganz whose new manager must break $9000 in sales by the end of the day or risk closure. As the pressure is on to sell, all hopes of normalcy fade.

Ta-Tas, any resemblance to chain restaurants currently is purely coincidental.

The obvious thing the film has to contend with is that some of the cast members from the first who couldn’t return, mainly because most of their carers took off, but I digress. The ones who do help add a nice sense of continuation to the proceedings and the newcomers fill the star-studded absences with some interesting characters/relationships to explore. Still Waiting is more joke focused than Waiting, so if you wanted more gags and less relatable drama about being stuck in a rut, you’re in luck. However, it’s a pleasure to see some of the classic jokes of the first film that make a comeback. Sometimes they’re iterated upon and other times they’re plainly repeated (a reminder of despite the changes, not that much is different). There’s even a remix of that unconformable scene of meeting Monty’s mother only this time it is an introduction to Agnew (one of the newcomers) uncaring father. Ultimately offering something for fans new and old.

It is a nice change to have the group meetings indoors!

The concept of trying to sell $9000 worth of orders by the end of the day is a nice framing device for the action, but like in the original, there’s a couple of interesting subplots of the individual crew members. We learnt how Calvin cured his social phobias and watch as he tries to instill this knowledge on the new owner. The Shenaniganz greeter and how her anti-social behaviour is affecting her performance, and what became of the two rap-obsessed busboys? Stories like these are also present in Ta-Tas and are stuffed to the brim with gags to gorge on.

Especially if you have a palate for the tragically comic.

If you liked the comedy of the first one or are curious about how the rest of the gang progressed since that day in 05? There will always be a table for you at the is Direct to D.V.D. sequel, because even with the aforementioned changes Shenaniganz is back and under brand new management.

Similar staff, same chaos, but new management.

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