Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

Unless you are Shrek, happily ever after is a precarious place to be if you want a sequel for your properties. But the question of how they reverse this newfound fortune can be heartbreaking. Yet they can also be a source of good drama and comedy. In 2015 trials and tribulations of a hero were relived as they got a free trip to Vegas, in Paul Blart Mall Cop 2,

One trial being that hawaiian shirt.

Despite being promised a happily ever after, things have gone from bad to worse, for the hero cop. Divorced from Amy, and dealing with the recent death of his mother. His daughter Maya has been accepted into U.C.L.A. before she has a chance to tell him, Paul is invited to a conference of security personnel at the fabulous Wynn Resort. But this trip might turn perilous as the night they’re staying, is the same night goons are trying one daring art heist. Can Blart and co. balance work and pleasure?

The Davina/Eduardo/Paul Blart love triangle is one of many great sub-plots!

The changes from the first film are staggering with the loss of Amy and Blart’s mother sending Blart into a rather dark direction from the offset. Yet, this does have benefits, allowing more room for Maya’s character from the first film to develop. Although there are a bunch of new characters, like Maya’s love interest played by David Henrie and the cavalcade of fellow security guards at the convention. They each add a sunny flair to the proceedings Such as the general manager Divina and the love triangle between her, Blart, and the head of Wynn Resorts security Eduardo. Upgrading the action from an American Mall to the famous Wynn resort in Vegas is a surprisingly effective lateral move. The resort is varied enough to provide a lot of unique settings and situations for Kevin James’s Blart to explore comedically.

We get to see more of Maya in the sequel, she’s a strong character who desrves the screen time.

It is clear that Paul Blart Mall Cop II learnt a lot from the actions of Paul Blart 1. We’re introduced to the heist a lot sooner than in Paul Blart 1, and it is nice how treat of the villains once again puts Blart’s family and friends in jeopardy. But like in Blart 1, Paul is not alone. The security conference offers a plethora of cool gadgets, and it’s a testament to the designers that I couldn’t tell what was real or made-up. The talents of Cirque Du Soleil are heightened by the intrusion of Kevin James. But even when he isn’t battling bad guys and just battling speeches, Blart Delivers.

We dip in and out of Neal McDonough’s art heist , his charcaters motivations seem interesting.

A new location hasn’t slowed down Blart one bit, expanding thematically on what made the character of Blart interesting. While showing off its new and existing characters, making them more endearing. Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 also Tackling concepts such as loneliness, love and, law enforcement while providing the comedy antics of the previous film some new flavour. Not bad at all for a film with a hilarious rhyming name.

Paul Blart can still put on a show.

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