From Justin To Kelly (2003)

Triple threat, a term reserved for an entertainer who can dance, sing and act. It’s a prestigious title and a select few can claim it. In an attempt to try to establish the career of Kelly Clarkson, the inaugural winner of his TV series Pop Idol, Simon Fuller working with his sister, Kim Fuller, created a teen romantic drama to prove Kelly’s got all that and more. This film was the aptly named teen summer vacation flick From Justin To Kelly.

A bygone era of simple text mesages.

From the get-go, we’re introduced to Kelly, a waitress, whose adept at singing, and attracting unwanted attention from the local jocks. She and her two friends, Alexa and Kaya, take a trip to sunny Fort Lauderdale, where romance develops between the three girls and a charming scanner, a computer nerd, and Justin, a well-meaning man of Kelly’s (and Alexa’s) dreams. The film follows the sextet’s exploits over one summer break in Florida as each one comes face-to-face with love, jealousy and memories to last a lifetime.

Behold! Pennsylvania University’s finest undergraduates.

It’s really fascinating the feeling we get from the chemistry and development of the cast and characters. It feels like this is a summer vacation sequel to a long-running series we never got, like a prototype for High School Musical. Comedy is aplenty, Brandon’s attempt to scam money is a prime example. But the comedy blends effortlessly with drama and an overall plot straight out of the playbook of the most gripping soap opera.

Eddie’s arc as a couple’s therapist is suprinsgly full of laughs.

Being a musical, its full of musical talent, Kelly is a good singer no doubt about it, and the film takes every opportunity to give Kelly and her co-stars the chance to sing. Even the guy who came second to Kelly on American Idol, Justin Guarini, playing the topic of Kelly’s affection. The song writing talent is strong, managing to create an incredibly infectious early 2000s style classics, that if the soundtrack album was released would have become the soundtrack of the summer. It’s safe to say I caught myself nodding along to the groove plenty of times.

Alexa, played by Katherine Bailess, a good singing voice, a machiavelian scheamer, an obvious prototype of Sharpay Evans.

From Justin To Kelly fulfils its objectives by being an entertaining film that showcases the talent of its young stars, but it goes beyond that by managing to shine a spotlight on the ingenuity of the team behind this, finding a prototype that would be a stunning success a little later. From fiery summer romances, situational comedy, contagious songs and dazzling choreography, From Justin To Kelly offers visitors an unforgettable experience for their summer.

A crowded, but dancable, experince.

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