Battlefield Earth (2000)

One of the hardest cinematic challenges is getting a story out of there, especially when you consider factors such as competition and its questionable relation to a religious institution. But when you’ve got a track record, and a willingness to potentially sacrifice your well-respected career to make this passion project a reality can help luck be in your favour. However, when your story has been passed repeatedly, and the only studio is willing to pick it up is one that is banking on your star power for less, the odds are against you, but those same impervious conditions can be used to make a cult classic, that film was Battlefield Earth.

You’ve got to be bold to be successful, dreadlocks are an example of a bold choice.

It is the year 3000, humanity has been reduced to a nomadic existence, after the threat of occupying aliens called Psychlos. A young human named Tyler is captured and forced into the aliens mining operation. He’s quickly chosen to be the liaison for the Psychlos and the humans, and is taught their language, The head Psychlo called Terl gives Tyler a tour of the long-since abandoned Library of Congress, this gives Tyler another idea, for a revolution.

This is what I imagine happens in Civilization when a technologically inferior rival captures your cities.

While from that description Battlefield Earth may sound simplistic, it hides an incredibly realised world, From the start, we get picturesque landscapes, of the nomadic humans, and soon afterword’s expeditions into ruined shopping malls and abandoned cities. The Psychlos planet has the same treatment with lots of effects to bring their imaginative home a reality. Compared to its contemporaries, the C.G.I. doesn’t look too dated, and in some instances, and leads to some impressive set pieces the next.

Like I Am Legend meets green-ish tint.

Much of the charm of the film comes from Travolta and the alien overlords, each one a unique personality. The Psychlos themselves are like a hybrid between the Klingons and the Ferengi (with a look that’s heavily inspired by the Xenomorphs) and it’s a joy to watch them plot and scheme. Their misunderstandings about human behaviour is mined for comic relief and it’s a bountiful mine of potential.

The Psychlos home-planet rivals certain Star Trek planets.

Battlefield Earth is an intriguing film if you consider its production, and how certain actions taken by characters reflected the producers. But based on the film alone, it’s an entertaining Sci-fi flick and a film that feels like a great way to spend an Independence Day. Battlefield Earth is also an amusing action assault that you will want to brunt repeatedly, either with some popcorn, or a duel wielded laser pistol thing.

I wish I could just absorb media like this, would give me so much free time.

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