Self/Less (2015)

With each passing second, our remaining time on this planet is being used up, sorry to be such a downer on so early on, but you must accept it, our time is limited. And with that our time to make our legacy is limited. For the average person, this isn’t a huge issue, as the memories they have gathered would be enough, yet, for those who have contributed great things only to be snatched away by illness… it can be devastating. This film supposes what would happen when we give up our sense of self for some extra years of greatness, and how much such a procedure costs (in both monetary value and not) in 2018’s Self/Less.

It must be so hard to be so affluently rich.

When rich billionaire, Damian Hale is vastly approaching death’s door, he eyes a ridicule new treatment, with the surprisingly inventive name of “Slithering” that will give him a new body and new identity, All is going well for the new Damian, now Edward, until he starts having the strange sense of Déjà vu of places he’s never been before, now Hale’s decision takes on greater meaning as his choice could gravely affect not just him but another family miles away.

There’s a perfectly good Fatty’s behind them, making me feel hungry.

Self/Less is an action film with a sturdy sci-fi quandary at the start to stick your teeth into, if you find shoot-ups and car-chases not to your suiting. The film manages to balance these conflicting tones rather well. This is especially true among the casting. Both Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds are a good fit in their roles with each managing to bring a certain level of pathos between their respective acts.

Props also to Matthew Goode for his portrayal of the scientist Albright.

Even the settings feel varied with the new Damian/Edward enjoys a rich and fulfilling life of partying and basketball, this is all thoroughly contrasted for the comparatively simplistic living of Madeline and her child. This contrast is made doubly apparent with Hale’s lavish penthouse literally on loan from President Donald Trump himself. There’s a certain sense of irony here as Hale’s own daughter has a grass-roots campaign organisation that he never approved.

It must also be hard to raise a small child you barely know…

Self/Less remains a fun and interesting film throughout its hour & a half runtime that has a tad more style and panache. While admittedly it is not the most original concept, it does offer some new food for thought and a new avenue to explore. Still, with a cool style, a tonne of action, and good casting Self/Less does provide the themes it tackles with a new and exciting facelift.

…and hard to learn the script of your new identity on an out of date iPad.

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