Weather Waring Week – Geostorm (2017)

In the previous article, humanity was powerless, on the receiving end of the brunt of bad weather. But we can do better than that, and harness technology or other revolutionary ideas to help us beat whatever external challenges lie in store for us. This has been a topic explored in other media as well, for example, serious simulation Fate Of The World, attempted to showcase the trade-off between saving the planet and ensuring prosperity. In 2017, a film examined whether throwing technology at the problem, that film was Geostorm.

As we learn from these two, technology can do wonders!

In the year 2019, The nations of the earth (mainly the US and China), said no more to the excessive damage from the weather, created a network of satellites to mitigate and prevent any of the adverse weather from causing massive damage globally. This network was dubbed Dutch Boy and has been in operation for some time. But after a couple years of its installation, the system is causing more damage and deaths than it’s worth, now it’s up to crack chief engineer Jake Lawson to assess whether this is just simply a mechanical bug, or are the problems man-made?

Image of political conventions totally unrelated to that last sentence.

Off the bat, there are a lot of points of similarity with The Day After Tomorrow, there’s a critical US government like before, but a lot of that criticism is aimed at the ownership and the risks of such of a device. The film takes on an interesting journey by establishing itself more as a thriller than an action movie, ultimately offering something for everyone. Like The Day After Tomorrow the film is once again a special effects showcase, a playground of destruction and thrilling action sequences as the worst of the elements is hurled at us, Massive ice-tsunamis, tarmac melting heat waves, many of these, our cities weren’t meant to stand up to, leading to some impressive spectacles, this is combined with some awesome space sequences, doubles down on the excitement.

Shots like this feel oddly familiar

And once again, like The Day After Tomorrow, Geostorm is a testament to the global spirit of cooperation that exists between nations and people in the face of global adversity. Dutch boy is an international cooperative, and its current custody by the United States is a strong and contentious point among the international community, the same community who help run and build the satellite network.

What’s with international space crews and disasters in space?

Geostorm starts off promising and leaves, fulfilling that promise with an intriguing, competitive, action-packed extravaganza, questioning technology’s place as a solution to The Earth’s climate problem, and the terrible burden placed on society once man tries to play god. Geostorm is a thoughtful, yet fun flick, that brings entertainment whatever the weather.

Shots like this, of a frozen over Afghanistan, are genuinely creepy.

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