Weather Warning Week – The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The landscape is changing, this has been the topic of heavy and controversial debate, yet as humanity progresses forward technologically, it is becoming pretty apparent that we have to face an increasingly turbulent Mother Nature, who wants nothing more than revenge on us humans. Pretty heavy stuff… Heavy enough and prominent enough for a terrifying tale of natural wrath. The first of which chronicles the result of humanity’s reluctance to react and asks what happens when we wake up to The Day After Tomorrow.

An apocalyptic weather event is just terrible for your 2004 phone signal.

It’s a bad bad day for the homeostasis of the earth, the ice shelf is breaking, and this s going to set off an almost apocalyptic chain of changes to The Earth’s weather. Despite pleas to the current United States administration for some assistance by credited geologist, Jack Hall, going unheeded, as the weather continues its transition from bad to deadly. Threatening to plunge Jack Hall, his son, his son’s friends and the entire earth into a global ice age.

That unbrella won’t help you now.

Unlike a lot of disaster movies at the time, this film really takes on a global presence, a global sense of carnage and meteorological disaster. Hail in Asia, iconic shots of New York literally frozen over. By being a global epidemic, it enforces the idea that there’s not really a place for any of us to hide while re-enforcing the idea of how hopelessly defenceless we are if such a thing were to occur. The film is a visual treat for all the fans of C.G.I. and special effects aficionados, massive super-cyclones, massive hail, and the aforementioned destruction are rendered to a surprisingly spectacular degree.

I’m getting flashbacks to AVP.

It can usually be hard to sympathise with characters in a disaster film, but in this case The Day After Tomorrow not only employees some eerily ripped out of the who’s who of Washington in characters but manages to instil in them some sympathy without being too corny, as a lot of these disaster films tend to infuse. This is made possible by some pretty strong acting by Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum.

I wonder which then-current Vice President Kenneth Welsh is suposed to be?

The Day After Tomorrow is a pretty fine monster movie that is disguised and packaged like a disaster movie, a globe-trotting relentless experience that takes the concept of bad weather to a whole new meaning. It’s a heart-warming picture of humanity’s resilience in a massive crisis, made doubly more harrowing by the thought of just how real this will be. The Day After Tomorrow, despite its age, still manages to be an entertaining film, and the day it stops is the day that Hell’s Kitchen freezes over.


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