Rebecca Black – Friday (2011)

Friday’s are an interesting day, even though they are at the end of the working week, there’s a palpable sense of energy, pulsating throughout until the release at the night. In 2011, a song expressing this excitement reached international notoriety, for some time back in 2011, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the viral sensation, Friday by Rebecca Black, being talked about across the world.

Rebecca Black, being adored by friends and fans.
Rebecca Black, being adored by friends and fans.

Much like Tommy Wiseau and his opus, The Room, Rebecca Black had a dream to be a big name in the entertainment industry, so she reached out to the talents of ARK music factory and produced a single and video to help achieve this goal. I can say she succeeded as the music video on YouTube has gained over 118 million views at the time of writing.

Some of Rebecca Black's friends, ready for Friday.
Some of Rebecca Black’s friends, ready for Friday.

The video starts off well enough, with a little nod to some other songs that have days of the week in their title. It then follows a montage of Rebecca Black and her routine on a typical Friday. It’s a nice snapshot of the life of Rebecca and it sets the tone of the song well.

Like that song by The Bangles.
Like that song by The Bangles.

The song itself has an underlining sense of fun to it, maybe that due to the use of auto-tune and repetitive lyrics. But it manages to infect your head and stick with you (much like the Friday feeling described earlier). There is also a rap interlude, provided by Patrice Wilson, serving as an interesting bridge, I’m not the biggest rap fan, but it seemed fine. As a combination, these two manage to create a strong, at the time, a contemporary pop song that achieves its ambition as a tool for reaching international stardom.

Patrice Wilson is also one of the songs writers.
Patrice Wilson is also one of the song’s writers.

Rebecca Black’s anthem is a fitting tribute to the eponymous day, it distils the anticipation and excitement of the day into a danceable three and a half minutes and reflects the carefree exhilaration a teenage girl may feel about the start of the weekend. It’s a simple fun, and catchy pop song that is more than ready for “getting down on Friday”.

“Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend”, even you

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