2000 AD extravaganza Part 2: Rogue Trooper (2006)

Nb. Rogue Trooper was remade in 2017 as Rogue Trooper Redux, this is the version I will be looking at, They’re exactly the same gameplay-wise, with Redux having a graphical upgrade. Your mileage with the classic version may vary.

In the far-off planet of “Nu Earth” Two sides battle it out in perpetual warfare, you play Rogue, a genetically bred Super-solider who can breathe in the inhospitable planet. Rogue’s comrades get betrayed and killed by a general in their own side and now Rogue and the captured spirits of his team are on a trail to get vengeance.

Rogue 1.png
The streets of “Nu Pariee”

The game is a third person adventure through the wonderfully vibrant “Nu Earth” and similar to Dredd vs Death, you have an aresnal interestingly varied tools for his disposal. You can scavenge the corpses for scrap metal that can be used to replenish ammo and upgrade weapons (providing a delightful blend of tactics into the game) If you collect a certain amount of this scrap, you can unlock entries in the in-game encyclopaedia, aiding replay value by a significant factor.

Rogue 4.png
Bigger enemies sometimes require bigger tools.

The game breaks up its unique blend of cover-based shooting with a couple of action set pieces that feel straight out of the comics. A couple of times, the player is thrown into a sniper duel with a rival sniper, and it’s these moments that can be genuinely tense as you trade shots, as well as having to defend a cargo-train with mounted Gatling guns. It’s set-pieces like this combined with some cunning stealth moments allow for varied and enjoyable action sequences.

Rogue 5.png
Hoards of enemies are going to be ambushing this train in about 10 seconds, you better be prepared.

Rogue Trooper is an expedition through a fully detailed world that allows you to take any approach you want in the 15 levels. There are survival modes where you and the AI attempt to hold up a stronghold against waves of enemies. It fleshes out the playing time, but the Campaign is where the main attraction lies.

Rogue intro
Weapons like the Beam Rifle make quick work of the Norts

As with Dredd vs Death, Rogue Trooper has a tremendous amount of character. From the voice acting, vibrant locations, and exciting gameplay. While it is true that Rebellion is referring from an excellent source, Rogue Trooper shines in its execution, in more ways than one.

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